Sunday, October 02, 2005

35 on the trail

Holy crap, 35 peeps rocking the singletrack at Plizatte this morning. Now we're talkin' group ride. It was the final installation of the season for the official Bacon ride. People came out of the woodwork to partake in the ride and what was the final buffet of the year. Conditions were sweet and the bacon was crisp. I missed a few of you, but it was great to see some folks that I haven't ridden with in a while.

So the last bacon has been lifted from the skillet but not to worry, the riding is still plentiful. We'll be picking it up in two weeks time on Sunday, October 16th. Meet at 9am and we'll check out Around the Bend for Lunch. Some of you will be asking why not next week. Well, there is a duathalon going on at the park next weekend so we're out of luck. Scratch that, we'll pick it up next week with log rides at Manawa, say 1pm? Gotta keep the dream alive!

Recap, next week, Manawa 1pm, two weeks from now, Platte 9am. YunTu?


3p0 said...

dude, what are you talking about,

blowin off platte next week,

if I can find a runner
(cuz i'm married to one)
the rest of you can find someone to run...

W runs and rides it himself.

same with shlake and Coach.

I'm gonna have to start callin Kevin aka Coach,

Coach Z.

shit dude, even if your not gonna race it, you should come out for the dual.

it's a good time.

MOD said...

Agh! When wrote the post I wasn't thinking and forgot about the Americorp fun ride at Manawa. Anne and I will be helping out at a THOR both to spread the word.

Octobers just got lots of stuff going on! I think we'll survive. Hell, you should do the dual and then bring the wife to Manawa for a casual MTB ride. Great trail for dirt virgins.

3p0 said...

I can't get my wife to ride a bike down a cement hill...

there is no way i'm gonna get her off road...

plus she's gonna be shot after she finds out what she has to run that day.

and I'm gonna be in trouble for talking her into it....

bdiddy said...

Wish I could have made it boys! Plane was delayed coming into Omaha Saturday just wasn't in the cards for ol bdiddy!

roxz said...

The bacon ride was a summer hit! Thanks for starting a fine, fine tradition!

RF and I may be heading to Landahl Park in Blue Springs for the final Midwest Fat Tire XC or marathon race on Sunday. That's right. Roxz wants to race.

So if anyone's interested, just let me or RF know. All depends on weather. Just ask Cornbread!