Wednesday, October 12, 2005

CX season tire test

Here's the new Vittoria Cross XG Pro CX tire. It's a narrow 32c. We just got these in and after a quick call to our rep Doug and Gast down at LBC I mounted them up and headed out to try them out.

Gast recommended 45 psi which is where I started out at. According to him I needed to run more pressure since I'm 60 pounds heavier. By my calcualations that puts him at 125lbs. We better watch out, Gast must be fitter than ever. He might smokin' fast this season.

Anyway, 45psi worked really well. I did hit root to rim once, but no pinch flat. They never felt like they were going to roll in the corners either. The tires hook really well on dirt and dry grass. I rode them at Standing Bear and then over to Tranquility. They offer a couple other styles as well for various conditions. Posted by Picasa


3p0 said...

I can't wait to watch you guys go down in Leffers fast off camber corners on his course's ...

you need some tread there buddy...

Hutchinson makes those tires with the yellow stripe in them, extra beefy tire tread for some grip in the grass.

but hey,
what do I know.

I'm not racing,
I'm just watchin,

and I'll help push any of you back up and help ya get going,

cept for Tony W.
"I'M NOT FUCKIN TOUCHING HIM" at all this year.

i'll never forget that one.
I havn't been yelled at like that since I broke a window in the house when I was 10 years old.

and I got a spanking to boot.

RF said...

Bring those shiny new tires on the TNR tomorrow. Ride it like you stole it. See you tomorrow!

John Jr. said...

Who is "Leffer!?!" I'm pretty sure MOD knows what he's doing...

3p0 said...

sorry john, I'm
trying to type to fast and not proof readdin my shit.

don't get me wrong,
those tires look really nice for oh,
or mo-pac.

but going through grass in off camber turns.
at speed. tryin to either catch up to Tony and Jay, or get away from them.

could be trouble...

I'll bet it'll be entertaining to watch...

MOD said...

yeah, I've ridden the hutchies, used to swear by them. But you have to run about 60psi in them to keep them from folding. Plus, the rubber compound is really soft so they don't give you a lot of confidence on pavement. They rail through grass well, wet or dry.

Comparing the XG's to the Michelin's I ran last year (Mud 2 and Jet)they are pretty similar. The XG hooked really well on dry off camber dirt or grass. If it's wet, that will be another story. Geax makes a tire called the Blade or I'll go back to the Michelin Mud.

I'm not saying the XG's are the end all tire. I'm just puttin' the word out since I wasn't familiar with the tire til recently.

No offense to Tony but I've seen him splayed out in corners more than once the last couple of seasons. So whatever there running, I'm not! Tires don't make up for finesse in snowy greasy corners.

John Jr. said...

Amen! 99.9999999999999999% of the time, finesse will trump equipment on a 'cross course. Just read the race recap from the Crank Bros. GP this past weekend. McCormack smoked Trebon in the final, "slick" corner to win.

Shim said...

What a whole blog stream with no mention of bacon or the word sweet!

Let me take a crack at it, those tires could use some sweet bacon and then they would be on time!

Anonymous said...

Tires, Tires, Tires,

1) XG Pro tires I would probably use the 34 tubular given the larger amount of tire volume and the abilty to run 35 to 40 psi.

For myself I will be running 2 types of tires this season.

2)TUFO Elite LPS (yellow) lite weight / good volume / excellent compund
3)Dugast (same tire I ran last year) Super supple / great volume / and ride feel like no other VERY PRICY / 1 race season and they are toast.

Sir Wilhelm has a problem with strength not equipment. It is a hard lesson to learn is patience.

Last year he ran Dugast tires.The tire that has more world wide cross win's than any other one piece of current cross equipment. Prefered by all the top World cup racers. Yes they are pricy. But they are fun.

99.99999999999999% I question that. Finesse is important. Equipment set up and fitness are a pretty big deal. So I say finesse 50.000000000000%

And we know MOD is a pimp and boy can he dance, so he must have finesse.

I think Matt weights maybe a buck forty when he wet. Oh how nice that would be.

Mr. Bike Shop Owner

MOD said...

Just cuz I can't let Mr. Bike Shop Owner have the last word...

I'm sure Dugasts are great but at $100-$120 a piece you'd be better off not working an extra hour every week during 'cross season and motor pacing instead.

Equipment is only worth 14.999999999%, fitness, about 85.1111111111%, skill/tecnical prowess, 49.99999999999%.

That's right, I'm racing at 149.999999999%, I may not be that quick at this first race but after that you Beeatch's best be looking out!!!!!!! My ultra hardcore training program starts now. Well, okay, maybe not right now, but for sure by...say...ohhhh, five o'clock tonight.

mg said...

i'll be racing on tufo tubular clinchers this season. i don't even have the super pimpy elite lps... mine are just T30 Pros, and they rock. i can't believe how hard i can rail corners on those things... ask weirwolf about trying to follow me in wilderness on those things! i'm not saying i'm gonna' be fast or anything... just that i like the tires. they're good enough that i'm actually considering building a set of tubular wheels for my 'cross race wheels... but other priorities are first (like the new 'niner i'm building).


mg said...

you hit the nail on the head on tony too jay... patience is always a challenge when you're riding that strong. he's young... he's learning (fast).


Anonymous said...

My biggest vise cross bikes and the equipment, if that isnt obvious.

MG you are step closer to enlightenment Tubular Wheels on a cross bike are the bomb. The 2 major reason i see racing tubular wheels is tires presure and weight (oh yay throw in a set of Bontrager Carbon Wheels on the weight side WOW). So with the Tufo Clincher Tubular you get the tire preasure advantage but not the weight. One caution the T30 Pro tire the compund tends to dry very quickly and it's like ice skating on grass. I know a few years ago they were aware of the issue and said that they had addressed it.

MOD you hit it right on the head with Motorpacing talking about getting fitness quick but the downside is you can burry yourself if you are not careful. If you are a 149.99999999999% after the first race . I better get back behind the LBC Scooter and start working again in preperation for your second race. HOLD ON.

Tony the Bull Wilhem or Sir Wilhelm just have to keep working on the patience thing.

Mr. Bike Shop Owner

MOD I guess you have to respond now

MOD said...


Agree, tubies are best, period! I ran them longer than anyone back in the day. Never riddin them in 'cross though. I finally gave way to convience and so I run tubies no more.

If it's anything close to the ride of tubeless on a mtb I might...uh, no, too into convience. No time to glue.

Oh what a 'cross season this is going to be. Resingning myself to the "don't get lapped" style of racing. And I'm not doing a JT. Honest!

Hey, JT, why don't you sign up as a contributor? Do you still have the invite I sent you?

John Jr. said...

T-minus: 9 days.

Anonymous said...

MOD send me another invite. I have a few pictures to post.

Mr. Bike Shop Owner

MOD said...

Jay, I might have an old address. send me an e-mail to