Thursday, October 20, 2005

Day 6: Rain, no ride for me

The headline says it all, woke up to rain this morning. Sounds like the TNR still went off. Me...well, Pancakes and I had to finish up our Pub Crawl costume. Less than 48 hours to go! Guess I could use a day off after 5 days straight of on the bike, but the string is broken. Damn!

Gotta welcome Jim on board the blog. If anyone raced at Riverside back in the early 90's you should thank Jim for putting the race on. He put the first race on at L&C / Prospect park. I was there, it was cold, but it was fun.

So who made it to the TNR tonight?

OH, there's been a bit of talk about the Pub Crawl, but just to let everyone know, I think the 'cross race is going to be just as huge. Don't miss the party, it starts about noon, saturday.


T-bone said...

Little Dickey, Andy and I were there. It was sweet. We rode from the casino through riverside north and up to LNC where we did a lap and headed back the same way. Riverside North is a log riding narvina. There are so many logs that are just waiting to be ridden. It's been a while since I've ridden riverside and right now that place is perferct.

MOD said...

Bingo, When do you burn in some lines?

T-bone said...

Should be 7 sweet sets of lines burned in now. That place has some sweet banks for railing. It's a great place for riding cyclocross.