Friday, October 14, 2005

Good times, good times

The TNR feed at the R&R adobe hut was excellent. It was made even SWEETer since Shim was there, but he forgot the BACON. R&R cooked up some chili and potatoe soup, hit the spot after a chilly ride home from Tranquility. Ran into Dale and the crew out there. The trails are in really good shape. Bob W. is back in town, riding a nice looking Soulcraft single.

Ryan and Lucas A. showed up for the party. They're heading down to ride a newly named IMBA Epic trail in Arkansas. Good luck boys, beers last night and lunch today was great. Talk to you when you return.

Lincoln Beer ride is tomorrow night. Yia Yia's Pizza, downtown, 7pm. Pancakes and I are going to try and make it, sounds like R&R are heading down too.

Since morning daylight is scarce, I won't be hitting Platte for another couple of weeks. If you haven't heard, horses are still running till the weekend of the 22nd.

Log ride loops at Manawa Sunday at 1pm. Or tear it up on the polo field, same time but a Swanson.


T-bone said...

That chili last night was some sweet bacon, and who would have thought the little dickey could make a pie. We sure did get a lot of strange looks from people when all of us would go by with our lights on. I had a blast last night. Let's do it like that again next time.

Update: Bike polo will be at NP Dodge park this Sunday after the Ride to Recovery Century (2pm). Log rides at Manawa at 1pm.

Shim said...

Calling all log riders, you guys need to do something worthwhile for once and show up for Lowell's Leukemia ride, otherwise you could end up in jail. Rusty, Dicky and the rest, you know who you are. In case you missed it details attached. Even log riders can make it 25 miles, it just may take you six hours.

Ride to Recovery this weekend

Got this from Jim M.

Hi all, don't forget this weekend Sunday, Oct.16 is the Ride to Recovery. Bring all your friends for a great fall ride on mostly flat roads. Sag support and food stops along the way. It starts at NP Dodge Park at 9:00.You can ride 25 to 100 miles.Come help support a great fundraiser for the Leukemia Society. Check with your favorite bike shop for a flyer. Jim