Monday, October 17, 2005

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sda said...

hey, pro-boy is putting the moves on joy. where's nut?

MOD said...

It was quite a night. Joy got hit on in two languages, from the same guy!

John Jr. said...

I hope he shows up this weekend...

scott showen said...

i hope i never see him again

John Jr. said...

...but if he shows up, he might bring the "team car." We need more "pro's" and "riders with tons of experience" and "knowledge."

Truth be known, I listened to this guy for 10 seconds and was instantly in a bad mood.

c_c_rider said...

man, what a poser. never seen him before, where in the hell did he come from? boulder? ex-pro?? ya riiight. was he speaking spanish??? pinche maricon... guys like that wouldn't last 10min in the scottsbluff barrio.

3p0 said...

I've delt with him at Scheels when I was there,

and at cycleworks. (round 2)

each time, he'd leave the shop and I'd have to go change my shorts cuz i'd have peed my pants laughin so much on the inside by the stories he was tellin..

it takes all types I guess.

I'm with "The Cheet"

next time I see that dude, it'll be too soon.

after talkin with Snell here at bud who also know's him... we think he has a pathological problem with the truth.

pathalogicly loosing it all the time...

sda said...

yeah he had my ear on the way out to walton. told me all kinds of things -

~used to ride with navigators "you know ed beamon then?" no answer.

~used to ride for jelly belly "you know my buddy eddy gragus then?" no answer.

~"they used to use me for uphill races". uh huh,like at the tour right.

~"i spent time on the junior national team with jason mccartney." thats funny, i remember jason racing in an ordinary bicycles kit (circa '92-'93 maybe) when he was a junior before he quit for a couple years. and when he came back he was too old for the junior national team. but what do i know?

~"they used to use me for uphill races". uh huh.

~"I've been a cat. 1 since i was 16." what was your name again?

oh christ .... like i'm gonna be impressed that you rode to dorchester and then came on the beer ride. DORCHESTER, THEN THE BEER RIDE. YOU MUST BE INSANE!!!

ok, so it COULD all be true, but the lack of tact in the delivery of all of those earthshattering revelations made me want to vomit. and if it is true, well then it doesn't really matter 'cause you just proved yourself to be a tool.

MOD said...

I got these...

"I use to race on the U-21 junior national team..." HUH? I thought it was U-23 or Junior (18 and under), but not a morph of the two.

EP and Nate use to work on my bike at Bike Pedalers all the time back in '92-'93. REALLY? I worked at Bike Pedalers then. response: "What's your name?"

I almost had him convinced that JP won a NORBA at Red Wing in '99. It was at that point he started to fall in love with JP. "Did he really win a NORBA?"

You can't pay for that kind of entertainment.