Wednesday, October 19, 2005

LNC last night

Man that place ROCKS! There are so many different colors out there right now. Trails are a little slick with all the leaves on them but other than that it's sweet bacon.


MOD said...

Tire to Leaf = Traction

Leaf to Dirt = Traction

Tire to Leaf to Dirt = Traction

Leaf to Leaf = Slippy

Tire to Leaf to Leaf to Dirt = Crash


roxz said...

t-Bone. Saw your car! I rode up from the interstate exit to get a warm up.

No doubt now is prime for color. So cool when you go from the east side that's in shadow to the west side that is full of light and with that canopy of yellow leaves, there's just the coolest glow.

get out while the gettin's good, peeps!

mg said...

nice mod... sounds like you're havin' fun. i've been gettin' some good time in too, though more in the evening during the week. wilderness is x-tra fast right now, and at night, you can at least see people coming up on you the opposite direction! it's revolutionary!


T-bone said...

Rox, I know what you mean. I was taking pictures on one side and the light was good. As soon as I got on the other side it was almost dark.