Sunday, October 23, 2005

NE CX #1

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What a way to usher in the CX season. It was a far cry from the 80 degree temps from previous years. 50 and raining, I thought I'd been teleported to Belgium. Sven Niijs had to be around here somewhere.

I got to the race early thinking I'd help JLjr. out. I was actually told by him to go and rest my legs. A big thanks to the Bellvue Bike Club for all their help.

Spent most of the morning chilin' with Sam under the tent. We watched Tom anialate the masters 45+ field. And there was a sweet battle for the win in the 35+ race. My buddy Mark from Leavenworth just got edged out in the sprint.

It was at about this time that Sam and I started thinking about toe spikes. I had a couple sets so we both put 'em on and it was the best descision I made all day. That and the fact that I switched to my mud tires just 15 minutes before the start.

I started slow expecting the first couple of corners to claim some victims. I think Tony hit the deck early but was up before I reached him. What met me at the run up was 25 plus screaming peeps and a human log jam in front me. After giving Schlake a shove up the hill we got under way. I think I passed Darin another 3 times in the same spot each lap. He finally got it sorted and pulled away. Ahead I could see Tili laying waste to everyone in his wake. Inching closer and closer to lapping me with each turn of the pedals. I would eventually get my High Life hand up with 5 to go and sat up on the last lap to let Tili by for a third time. That one extra lap just didn't sound good. I think I caught MG's big fall. He bounced off the grass pretty hard. Glad your back is straighting up MG.

What a way to start the season. Thanks for the hollars everyone. IT'S CROSS SEASON!!!

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