Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Picture Share!

LIVING THE DREAM - Yes, that is right. It is that time of year when I, as an empl0yee of this industry, can begin to ride more and enjoy what everyone else enjoys all summer long. Of course, you may think of me as a shop owner, but my job owns me, so nonetheless, I am an employee and I have no complaints about that!

Apparently, I was the only one "living the dream" this morning at 9am at the coffee shop since there was nobody around to take that artsy picture of me drinking my coffee and eating my scone, to truly solidify me as an authentic blogger and not a poser. So here it is, my selfless artsy photo, as apparently I am the only one living the dream. Me and my new found friend B.O.B. that is. We are living the dream.

That's all I have. Trying to wax poetic about the culture we live and I can't even get proof I live it, and then find out no one else does either. Great! The hippies are going to make fun of me now cuz I probably went to the wrong coffee shop that overcharges.

Go ahead, make fun of me. I have nerves of steel. In fact I am an earlier form of Hippie, known as a cowboy...on a steal horse I ride... (scratch that, make it aluminum horse I ride) . Giddy Up!


3p0 said...

congrats on gettin out.

This is the time of year that rocks.

I remember last year about this time I got a call from the guys at LBC, Sam, Gast, and Jay were going golfing. That sounded like lots of fun...

oh well.
At least you got out to ride before the rain hit.

I'm stuck on city trails for my evening ride tonight before poker.

Hope to see you,
and maybe hear some Bon Jovi this Saturday night.

Anonymous said...

Oh Man-In-Black / Bicycle Shop Owner / Employee of the Bank. you are still missing the point a fixed gear bicycle in front of a coffee shop, that would solidify your place in the blogging world and that is true bicycle culture.

I think that I sniffed this one out your drove your Eurovan (Yippie Van) down to the coffee shop and unloaded your bike for the picture. Right?

Try again on the artsy photo.

Mr. Bike Bike Shop Owner / The other Employee of the Bank

MIB said...

I just wanted to belong! I thought the photo was enough. And for the record, I would ride a fixed gear if I wasn't carrying anything short of a file cabinet of work behind me. And well, of course if I was in fact cool. But I just don't have the time to motor pace to keep up my cyclo cross errrr.... commuting leg strength for only one gear. And, well, I am not cool.

Maybe I'll be accepted as a blogger because I played my Bon Jovi card and 3p0 picked up on it. Great Job 3p0. I don't care what Miah says, you're welcome at Highgear anytime.

And for the record, MR. ANONYMOUS,I am not employee of the bank, however, I do feel if I tried to skip town, they would want me "Dead or Alive".

But I walk these streets with a loaded six string on my back, (scratch that. Make it "ride these streets loaded with a six pack on the back.") Yeah, that's more like it isn't it 3p0?

3p0 said...

you guys play rough up there in omahole.

Pickin on each other like that.

have the shops been slowing down up there at all with the temp changes or has it effected buisness much yet?

just wonderin...

you guys got your costumes picked out yet for the pub crawl?

I had an epiphany on my way to work today, (driving can do that)
on my halloween pub crawl costume.

I just have to figure out how to get to omaha with it...

RF said...

Rusty says that the coffee shop pictured is owned by terrorists. I can neither prove/nor disprove this.

You need to combine your interests: get an espresso machine for the shop, and open at 6:30am so I can get a decent latte. And not from some lanky, freakish, Cx know-it-all, either (hairlines aside). I want my latte from a cynical red-headed barista.

Now THAT's cycling culture.

RF said...

"And well, of course if I was in fact cool."

I don't need to tell you this, but there ain't no doctor that can cure your disease.

pcakes said...

CVO glad to hear you are getting some ideas for the pub crawl. I still haven't figured one out. The last minute almost helps cause then you have to commit to something! Your costume sounds interesting in that you would have some problems getting it up here, hmmmm...

MIB said...

Great MOD, RF is asking for a job again. This time he is applying for our Barista position. Can you call him back for another follow up interview....?

Since the shop's have slowed down, maybe we should start selling coffee? Of course I think we exceed the max coffee shops per square block stated in city code down here.

But if we can find a position for RF then great! He wants to race for one shop and work for another. Some call it love, I call it living in Sin!