Friday, October 07, 2005

T.H.O.R. and Americorp have teamed up for a fun ride at Manawa this weekend to promote the Iowa parks. It officially starts a 2pm. T.H.O.R. members will be guiding groups through the trail system and info about T.H.O.R. will be available. Come on out and enjoy the great fall weather. For you hard core loggers, Rusty will have is T.P. connector ladders out. See come out and test our skizillz. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Saturday or Sunday?

Meet at 1100 for a quik couple of laps?

MOD said...

Sunday, I should be out there around 11. The only set in stone plan is to set up the THOR display tent at 1. I'll be there earlier to ride. Then Pancakes and I will be hanging under the tent, spreading the word.

Annonymous who?

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John Jr. said...

Hey! Be sure to send this stuff to me directly in the I can post it on NebCycling. Koo.

MIB said...

Wish I could have made it. Had a date with my daughter for her B-day party. We had the date picked 6yrs ago, so nothing I could do about a reschedule (-:

How did it go? Beautiful day for a ride. Hope there was a good turnout.