Sunday, October 23, 2005

What a day, what a night, what a weekend

...and I'm still recovering from it. The cross race...well, it was as 'cross as it could get. Cold and wet equals hard as hell and slippery. So slippery the video of the run up is hilarious. I'll get some stills up as soon as I can. The race was so frickin' cool. So many people cheering and racing and yelling and crashing and slipping and Damn...What great race. It can only be described as SWEET BACON. Tilford held another clinic. lapping pert neer everyone. He got me 3 times.

The pub crawl went OFF! Good times all the way around. Too good. I'm still recovering. Everyone was there except Shim, you suck buddy! Hope you had a good flight? Nice racing this afternoon though. The rain stopped just in time and the freak show began. I think it can only be described in pictures.

Thanks to the pub crawl I wasn't racing today. I'm a train wreck. But day 2 of the cross weekend was fast and furious. Tili won with Bill, Mr. Bike Shop Owner, Sir Wilhelm and JP rounding out the top five.

More to come as always...

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