Sunday, October 01, 2006

Black-1, White-0

The Black team took first blood of the polo season. Conditions were hot and some skills were a little rusty. By mid game the thrills and spills were happening left and right. Two teams of 5 or 6 and a ton of spectators. Legs were feeling the sprints, it was freakin' hard. It was good to see Franko out an about against doctors orders, atta boy! Duffy was on mission and Cole was doing everything possible just to stay upright. The One Eye assasin was MIA, white teams gonna need you next week buddy, I gotta work.

AJB, goaaaaaaaaaaaal!

Mid-game blowout


Byte Me said...

But it was team White with the first official goal of the season!

Long forgotten polo hearsay:

"Consecutive Three Time Touch
No player shall touch the ball with his stick or right hand up to the elbow more than 3 times consecutively. He can touch again for three times only after the ball touches another player's stick or bicycle. NOTE: A player by virtue of his having touched the ball three times consecutively will lose his Right of Way. He has to give way to other players coming from any direction to tackle the ball or establish the Right of Way (Provided sufficient time has been given to him to pull-up or pull away). He may, however, hook the stick of the opponent if he happens to be on the same side of the ball immediately after the third touch. But he will not follow the line of the ball to hook the stick of the opponent, thereby blocking or in any way coming in the way of other players to take the ball."


T-bone said...

False, I think that rule is for the tennis court polo league. If we could only hit it three times the entire game would be played in the middle of the field. There would never be any break aways or scoring. I think the rules we have make for a fun game. I know I had a blast yesterday. Can't wait till next week.

ajb said...

I agree with T. This here is whatcha call Hack Rules. There's a lot of other rules we're breaking playing the way we do, but it only adds to the fun. Plus, without an official ref, rules don't mean shiz.

Byte Me said...

Well the official answer is True.

But like the comments above who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CC said...

Who needs rules???? all you need is a bike and a "stick"....some beer, good friends and a supersweet time!!