Saturday, March 22, 2008

Local dry trails?

I am not prepared to give up riding dry dirt. Are any of the local trails dry?

I typed this with my thumbs!


NaugaBike said...

You back from Moab? Thursday I checked out Manawa. Rode W Sidewinder - it was mostly dry, with a couple sticky spots. (Photos on my blog) Had a mechanical, so did not ride other areas of the trail.

Martin said...

Frank Olson and I walked Swanson today installing the new THOR trail marker stickers on most of the new blue markers there.

Swanson is not rideable now. Give it another have a week or better and it should be good. Many areas still very greasy and extremely soft. The frost is bringing moisture to the surface in many areas and its not drying very fast.

Several folks have tried to ride it only to leave very large ruts in places very sensitive to erosion damage. Wish those guys would join THOR for a few trail days this spring to correct their handy work. Some are trying to ride the trail shoulders to get out of the mud which only makes the trails much wider in the future.

There are two trees either blocking the trail or making it very hard to ride under, please watch out if you dare venture. We'll try to get them out this week.

buconine said...

I checked out Tranqility last night and it looked close to ready. I'm going to head out in the morning and walk the tree'd section to make sure it is clear. Someone has been riding out there too and left nice ruts all over. We stomped a few back in place while they were still soft. Wish people would realize the damage they do...

T-bone said...

Rode Manawa early this morning when it was frozen. It was thawing out fast. I would say it needs at least another week. Short loop will be dry sooner. Long loop will be a mess this week.

3/6 hour race at Landahl next Saturday.