Friday, March 21, 2008

Road Trip, Landahl

Stolen from EarthRiders Forum today.

I just returned from Landahl and the trails are rideable.Yes, you read that right.I rode all of Family, Daves' and Wills' and except for two or three minor wet areas the trails are rideable.The trails are still very tacky and you will pick some mud in the areas that are still damp. There was no mud on my bike frame and except for the two or three damp spots my tires were clean.The area between Argo and the Barrel hub is trashed and will need some help as will the first 100 yards of Wills'.Please walk around the wet areas, you'll know em when you see em.Go ride your bike, but I'd rather you come out to help build the DH here. viewtopic.php?f=7&t=5361Watch out for a large downed tree on Wills' right in the middle of the fast section....yeow....brakes.....

Anyone game???

They are also building a DH trail tomorrow if anyone want's to help.

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