Sunday, April 27, 2008

Croc Rock Cancelled

Bummer, all dressed up and no where to go.

Woke up, double checked gear, loaded the van. Stop at QT for a coffee and sandwich. Ran into R&R heading out to pick up Martin. Stop at T&C's, load up. Over to Deal's. Got the word, no racing today.

At least I'm sitting here watching F1 and Serie A.

We still might be able to hit Swanson later this afternoon. Athough Shim said it rained pretty hard in Bellevue last night. Anyone want to volunteer to go check it out? Worst case scenario maybe a Wabash trek to Malvern.


MOD said...

SHehIM just rang me. Swanson is looking too wet to ride today. Might be a different story if temps were in the 70's, but they're not.

No Singletrack love today.

dwags said...

gas to and from topeka===60.00
hotel room =====100.00
2 day pass at state park===10.00
prime rib at "timberline===55.00
(awesome food!!)
why driving down on race day is sometimes a better idea!

had fun preriding though

T-bone said...

Mod went out to walk the trails and said it's rideable as of 2:30. We are meeting him out there at 3 for some riding. Now get off the couch and come ride.