Sunday, April 06, 2008

NOVA National Stage Race presented by SOBE-Cannondale Final results

Final overall stage results

Jay Chesterman (35-39 expert) 1st place!

Steve Jarrett (40-44 expert) 2nd Place with a flat in todays XC race

Greg Shimonek (45-49 expert) 3rd Place also with a flat in todays race

Kent McNeil (Semi-Pro) 6th place out of 80! all ages Semi-Pros

They said the Saturdays short track race was tough, sounds like some of them left a little skin and or a lung on the track.

Now they get to go play at Sedona Mountain Monday, sounds like a awesome trip.

At least I got too race Saturday off road at Maskenthine, and then rode to a double header crit this morning. Both were fun races. The Expert Open class was small Saturday but they had 114 races overall. Todays Crit was also smaller with 23 or so cat 4/5's and 7 Cat 1,2,3's and myself for the second crit this morning.


RF said...

EXCELLENT WORK FELLAS! Wow. I am always so impressed. The quality of our racers in Omaha and surrounding areas is simply superb. Way to represent the midwest! Makes me feel better about bringing up the back of the expert pack all the time. Maybe somewhere else in the country I could actually call myself a "mid-pack" expert racer. Ha.

Sorry I didnt make the crit this morning. I got home to find my front road tire flat-- and I took it as an omen. Too much to do Sunday morning before getting on a plane at 1pm.

Besides, I had a honeydo list. Cool part about it is that my honeydo list includes installing tubeless tires and checking shifting.

mathguy said...

Lucky guy that has a significant other that rides-all my lists include drain cleaning and yard work!

RF said...

So Kent, is going pro again your fallback if the whole bike shop owner thing doesnt work out?

FYI, doing hot laps around NFM during rush hour would make great training for Beijing.

Jon said...

Great job all, and way to go Kev. You blew them away at the training crit.

Thanks to all who came up Saturday, it was a great day for us.

Jon Downey
Elkhorn Valley Cycling Club

MG said...

Impressive racing gentlemen... way to represent!

Haven't seen how the Psycowpath race ended up yet, but I'm sure it was a good one too.