Sunday, April 13, 2008

Step up

We drive a Passat, a 1.8 litre 4 cyclinder turbo. The turbo dictates premium gas. Gas which is now $3.40 a gallon. That means it takes $53 to drive our car 400 miles. Why do I speak of this you ask? Because the commuter cycling challenge will be kicking off soon.

I would take a guess that most folks that frequent the good ole' MTBO Blog are recreational riders. But there are a handful of us that take it a bit further. We've been a one car household for over a year now. It takes a tad bit more coordination but now it's second nature.

So I'm going to challenge you. Challenge you to go by bike or foot and step up to the Two Mile Challenge. It's easy, just use your bike for trips that are two miles or less. Our two miles contains our grocery store and most of the bars and restaurants we frequent. I only work 4.5 miles from home, a mere 20 minutes by bike 10-12 by car depending on traffic. Yeah, traffic, how's your road rage treating you?

So to get started check out this stuff.
How to live well without owning a car by Chris Balish
Edmunds True Cost of Ownership How much is your car REALLY costing you?
Two Mile Challenge What's your circle?
Burley or B.O.B. Get a trailer, it'll only cost you a month's worth of gas


T-bone said...

You should try the regular gas. I've been using it in my turbo for a while and haven't noticed any engine knock or decreased performance.

I do bike a lot but it's funny how I mostly use my car to drive to the bike trails to ride my bike.

What's that route you take to get to Swanson by bike?

Mark said...

I'll bikely it for you.

ajb said...

Nice post MOD, gracias.

Is that post on bikely the gravel road ride you posted a while ago with the road sign pics?

MOD said...

Probably, I pretty much map everything. Most of it's not published though.