Thursday, April 24, 2008

THOR News: Swanson Reschedule

The THOR led Swanson trail day has been rescheduled for May 24th. Mark your calendar.

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RF said...

from Martin:
The Swanson Trail day for this Saturday (26 April) is off the calendar.

A tremendous out pouring of volunteer effort for the last couple weeks has fixed up most of the long winter damage and rerouted several sections that just aren't drying out anytime soon. Most of this just couldn't wait and folks were available for impromtu trail work, big thanks to all of them and their efforts.

Last weekend was huge for THOR supported MTB trails. Crews spent both Saturday and Sunday clearing out fallen trees and fixing up the trails at Platte River State Park. Most of the fallen logs were removed from L&C. And of course a big crew at Swanson.

A tremendous amount of work has gone into Tranquillity Park last week with many of the new corners adjusted for better flow and Doug benching in the new trail near the pine trees. Jewell has a new bridge and been cleaned up a bunch too.

We are estimating the next Swanson maintenance for sometime in June to start trimming up the eye poker sticks that will grow into the trail as Summer approaches and also some sections will probably need some weed wacking to keep the trails from overgrowing.

There is a non-THOR clean up event at Manawa trails on Saturday if you so inclined.