Tuesday, August 26, 2008


And so does Lt. Dickey.

Thank you bike community for bringing Manawa back!


MOD said...

Thanks everyone

pd said...

jumped into the fray a little late (as usual) but was able to hook up with dale, tom w. and paul. trail was in truly sweet shape...amazing damage in some areas...gave me new respect for the effort that was required. i only made it out to do trail work one night, but was amazed at the amount of damage to the trees. saw roxzy's car so i know she was in there. saw charley and a couple of folks with mwcc jerseys. had a blast...the trail was just perfect...couple of major logs in tony's playground (i think) that required a carryover, but otherwise...fantastic stuff. weather was also perfect...ate a couple of bugs! thanks for the ride guys...and all the work by thor! dave

Roxy said...

It's getting better by the week. Some of the larger logs in the black sections were left behind on purpose so Steve could build some more trail features.

Enjoy these temps!