Saturday, September 06, 2008

Cross Practice!! Skills...

For anyone who would like a bit of cross practice etc.. I will be at the Chalco lake area (aka Werhspann lake sp?) on Sunday at 9am sharp with barriers to start honing some skills. I also have a few 'courses' laid out as well. Meet at the pavillion on the west side in the middle of the area, it has a playground with at sand pit. Directions, pull into the park take the first right, follow down to the next stop sign, turn right, go up the hill and then take the first left, it dead ends at the pavillion area. Hope to go for a couple of hours. Hope to see a few of you, I would love to make it a regular thing. See ya, Rick

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Rad-Renner said...

Sounds good, Rick. This Sunday is the Bike Master's century ride, so I think I'll do that this week, but maybe I'll join you Sunday-after-next. Is anyone going down to Branched Oak Lake this week to pre-ride Area 1? I'm thinking about going down Thursday after-work with a friend, so come and join us, mmm-kay?