Sunday, September 28, 2008

saw a few peeps on the ped bridge

Rode across the bridge around 14:30, people going both directions, mostly walkers or bikers walking bikes. Good practice for slow riding balance. Saw the parasailor pulled by a jetski fly under the bridge. Cool to feel the bridge bounce in the middle.

Anybody there earlier? pics? I forgot to take some.


Scott Redd said...

Hi Dale:

I was there about the same time you were. I came from the Omaha side, so I didn't get to see any of the opening ceremony over on the Iowa side.

I forgot my money, so I didn't get to buy any eats or drinks at the party going on over there.

I remembered my camera, and I snapped some pics and posted them here.

I can't wait to cross the bridge again and explore some of those Iowa trails waiting for me on the other side.



Stratomatic said...

We were just leaving about the time you got there Dale. My oldest daughter Cali, and I were there on the Iowa side. Here are the pictures we took...
- Paul
Bob Kerry Bridge Pics

Roxy said...

I was there right at 1:30 thinking I wouldn't be able to cross from the Omaha side but when I got there the mayor was just arriving with the lottery winner from the Iowa side and then the officials said we could go over. So wanting to ride across it, I walked my bike fast and when the crowd thinned out, I rode from the halfway point to the other side. Was I the first rider? Don't know but it was very cool. Kent was hanging out at the THOR booth with Tom (who did a great job by the way) as well as Dan, Todd and the Extreme Wheels peeps.

NaugaBike said...

My photos are on my web site:

I am working on posting helmet-cam video of my first ride over. It will on that same page.