Wednesday, September 17, 2008

TNR at Branched Oak / Swanson

A couple of us will be riding at Branched Oak around 4:00 - 6:00 or 6:30 Thursday afternoon.
For those who will be skipping that race and heading to Sugar Bottom Sunday or just don't want the longer drive maybe can meet and ride Swanson? Comment if you plan to ride at Swanson or Manawa and want to ride with others.

I think Branched Oak is only another 10 minutes over Manawa for me. Doug had some good things to say about the course and the diection they're running it.


1by9 said...

I rode at Branched Oak last week and going backwards (clockwise) made for a really enjoyable course. The rutted downhills run the old way become fun climbs that let you pick differing lines run the new direction.

NaugaBike said...

I'm riding at Manawa this evening. Branched Oak is 95 miles for me, Manawa is 13 miles.

-kw said...

I've ridden it a couple times in the last two weeks.
It's clockwise. It's pretty fast. It's a short lap, too.
Granted, I haven't ridden area 7 in years—so I'm not burnt on it—but it's actually been really fun riding there. The trail is as smooth as it's ever been and all the trees and face whippers are trimmed back thanks to a couple saintly individuals. It wouldn't be a bad idea for anyone to race it. Not bad at all.

Rad-Renner said...

I rode Manawa on Monday before the trimming and there were a lot of trees down and the tall grass really encroached on the trail. Accidently ran over a big snake, too (sorry PETA; I tried)

Is Manawa ready to go for next Sunday, or what? What kind of lap will it be and what sections are going to be included? Sorry that I couldn't help on Monday, but I am my kid's chaffeur. I'll try to get out their next week with a weedeater and a saw, if necessary. Let me know.