Sunday, November 02, 2008

Cross Nationals Course

A few Nebraska racers raced the Boss Cross race yesterday on the new nationals course. There's a cool helmet cam video of the course here.


MOD said...

Seems long when you watch it like that. Looks like a fast course though. Can't wait to see it with hundreds of spectators and a beer tent.

mathguy said...

It's a bipolar course: you're either suffering on the long climbs up the hill, or flying down the descents. If the weather give them wet ground, some of the off-camber corners on the descents will be fun to watch (but not to ride). It's 2.5km and reasonably fast. The ground is pretty rough, but I imagine it will be ridden enough to smooth it out. It's good for spectators since it's set into a hillside, you can see almost the entire course.