Monday, November 24, 2008

TMR for November 27th???

I haven't been doing the best lately on getting the TNR's going strong again. Last minute meetings, rain, not plugging my light in? WTF? Well, Thursday is as good a day as any to give thanks to our trails. The Real Deal has been steadily putting in build time at Jewell with a few new add ins.

Hopefully folks are free in the morning, I'm thinking meet at Jewell at 9am, then everyone can head out and do the family thing in the afternoon.


RF said...

wish I could be there. have a good ride. I'll be doing a 5k "turkey trot" to celebrate the holiday, but my run starts about 9:30pm on your Wed night. surreal.

Keep your fingers crossed for good weather-- I hope to be back for TNR next week Dec 4.

Chris G. said...

You might be on to something. Perhaps if I bake that pecan pie the night before...