Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tranquility Cross Course

For those interested in doing some cyclocross right here in Omaha, a "new" cross course has been mapped out at Tranquility Park. The course utilizes mown grass avenues, some existing MTB trails, a little gravel road, and a short stair section. Very smooth and flowing with two decent climbs and not a lot of running (unless you really feel like it). Not sure of the actual distance, but lap times seem to be in the 5-6 minute range. I'm riding this course most afternoons and weekends, so join me anytime.

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Rad-Renner said...

If it doesn't rain tomorrow (Thurs.), and the forecast looks sunny and warm, then I'll be riding the cross course at Tranquility around 5:30. The course will be dry enough and not muddy at all.