Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Its time for the first Thursday ride of 2009: the TDR (thursday DAY ride).  Yes, I know there's a Husker game on, but even they appreciate the need to ride in the offseason.  So get your own game on and come out & ride!  High temp around 38deg, moderate 12mph winds from WNW.  Not too shabby.

I'm thinking a 1pm start time will get us close to the warmest part of the day. Start at midtown and ride over the ped bridge to IA and ride gravel north from the last CB interstate exit.  (Or I'm up for suggestions.) Who's in? Or who's gonna watch the game?


KEV said...

I won't be able to join you, we're staying out at Mahoney in cabins Wednesday and Thursday night so I'll be riding early from there before the game. Steve, Greg, Pat and I rode that gravel road North to the bridge Sunday and it about 6" deep of fresh gravel on about 90% of it. It get old in a hurry! I'll be up for some gravel Saturday or Sunday or Maybe Single Track if it stays dry? I got a new bike I'd love to try on some trails.

The Yeti is for sale if anyone needs a great XC bike. Should be up on NE cycling this weekend.

Shim said...

I hate to agree with Kevin on this, but he's right, you'll be pretty miserable on that gravel road as it stands today. If you have your heart set on riding over there, take the gravel road on the other side of I-29. I will be watching football from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm (hey this is my big annual football day), but I would be up for a 8:00 am ride at Swanson, it should still be frozen, right?????

KEV said...

I may be up for a Keystone ride around 10 or 11 Wednesday morning. Call me in the morning Greg.