Friday, January 30, 2009

Great TNR!

Eight friends threw a leg over a bike to bust out some 2.5 laps around Manawa Thursday night.  Conditions were better than expected-- the snow was packed down fairly well and was fast.  Some corners had ice underneath and required some extra care, and I accidentally discovered that a teeter totter was frozen.  Martin set a quick pace with his dialled snow handling skills.  Dinner followed at Huhot.  Good times had by all.  


NaugaBike said...

I was tired from the ride - sorry I missed the dinner. 11 miles in the snow & dark was enough for me. Did enjoyed the ride.

Blades said...

Burp it with Studs. Never could've hanged with you & Martin if it weren't for the grippies thru the corners. Now for a new lite and I'll be wicked crazy in the frozen tundra. Chow