Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ride Notes & Manawa TNR

Last weekend I got a solid 6 hours of ridin, mostly on snowy/icy/wet pavement, riding my hardtail all over.  Saturday I chased Kevin on pavement & gravel towards Ft. Calhoun, then did a very similar route Sunday with Rox & Hardcore Harlan.  Longest rides for me since May.  Its been awhile, but I appreciate everyone's encouragement to get back in the game.  Rumor has it that the expert field is expanding this year, so I need to protect my 13th place finishes.  

Thursday Jan 15th could be a great night for a snow ride.  Put on every piece of gear you own, snap on the heater packs, take some pressure out of your fattest tires, and we should get pretty darn good traction around Lake Manawa.  Spicy hot Mongolian Grill afterwards to warm up the body. Meet at Manawa SP parking lot at 6:00pm, rolling by 6:15pm.  Who's in?


dale said...

Working Thursday night. 0F with 5mph or less wind, ridable snow trails in the trees - sounds memorable!

Warm thoughts for those that ride.

MOD said...

20 or below is no go. Have fun. I'll be pumping iron and runnin'.

KEV said...

I'm out, 1 Deg and no sun is way too cold. I will be riding gravel Saturday again. Going to try and get the 12:30 ride from Shims going again if he get his wheel fixed. Would like to start making it a regular thing again, I need some base miles. Full loop is around 40 miles if I remember correctly. I might ride from home and meet on Capehart for some extra miles maybe Mike will me join on the way?

Anyone else want to join us?

RF said...

looks like most are bailing on the TNR this week. I don't blame em. negative temps with wind doesn't sound like a recipe for a workout. Gravel Saturday sounds like a great time!