Monday, February 23, 2009

Sweet Studs at Platte

Mark and I had a great ride Saturday morning. Trails was frozen/icy perfect til Noon, when the sunny spots started to thaw. The Nokia 296 Studs did their job. Rode it like hard pack, climbed icy foot prints and even did the black diamond drop. Awesome.


SantaCruzn said...

Awesome pics Joe. What would we do without our cell phones... or Blackberry in your case. Yep, those Nokian Extreme's are an awesome tire. You don't slip... PERIOD. Look'n forward to many winter rides without the fear of wiping out on hidden icy spots. Ride on Brothers!

MOD said...

Looks good out there. I can smell the BACON already.

T-bone said...

Can I borrow your bike with the studded tires for the Polo game? I promise to be nice to it:)

Cornbread said...

Sweet pic.

How are trails at Platte? Any trees down?

SantaCruzn said...

Yep, I'm looking forward to Sunday morning rides and breakfast.

Nice try Tbone.

The trails were awesome. There were some icy spots and as you can see, the creek bed was total ice but no worries with the Nokians. We rode from the waterfall, up to the teepee, across to the horse trails and did a full loop of the race course. We stopped several times to move trees that had fallen across the trail. Blades was a tree move'n animal. It's all clear for now but there are a few dead tree's near the trails that'll probably keep dropping limbs. Always wear your helmet... or a hard hat. Happy trails.