Monday, March 23, 2009


Calling all reinforcements! Tranquility needs your help. And this is a good time to let all the dirt lovers know about the new changes going on at THOR-dot-org.

For starters there is an Easy Button. If a tree is down or a bridge out or something keeping you from staying on a trail, all you need to do is go to the website and click the button. Type a quick note and the email elves will deliver it to all the trail leaders at THOR. Someone's bound to get it taken care of. But it's only for emergencies. If you have a complaint, the board's emails are listed on the site.

Next, new for 2009 is Trail Day Tuesdays. THOR set up a standardized schedule of Tuesdays for Omaha / CB trails and Saturdays for Platte River. Go to the THOR website and click on the calendar link. You'll see what trail days are coming up so you can put in for your hall pass now for the whole season. Aren't we clever.

But Tranquility is getting started early, so come out and help out. There is some big rerouting happening and that takes a lot of hands. Trails are still closed out there, so tell your riding buds to stay clear for a while.

Next up will be Swanson and Platte as they start getting the race courses prepped for early May races. Please come and lend a hand. 


EB said...

I'm getting all hot-n-bothered just thinking about dirty good times

buconine said...

Tranquility trail day is from 12-4 on Sunday March 29th and on Tuesday March 31 from 6pm till 8. Please bring shovels, hoes and mcleods.

Please rsvp if possible to Tranquility at TrailsHaveOurRespect dot org. We would like a head count if possible to easier plan out the day. is the link to the new thor trail day calendar.

Thanks from the Tranq Trail Council!

Rusty Car said...

An "easy button" ha. What a concept...that's a cool idea. We need one of those to remove some of the climbs out here.