Tuesday, April 28, 2009

it is on like donkey kong

Offroad racing action in Nebraska gets started Saturday. Swanson is gonna be fast and supatacky. Don't miss out!


Rad-Renner said...

Roxy, RF & Co.,

When will you guys make the call visa vis the race at Swanson this weekend?

RF said...

Friday just after work hours.

There is not much incentive for making any judgement calls early, as forecasts can always change. The trail was dusty dry going into last weekend, and we remain optimistic.

Haro said...

Love that pic.

Sometimes, we all get so caught up in what we're doing (or at least I do), that I sometimes forget that the kids race means more to them than anything else they might do that week (at least in my son's case anyway). Nice choice Ryan.

RF said...

It's all about having a good time.

Roxy said...

And as a reminder that we are all kids at heart (especially when we throw a leg over!)