Thursday, April 16, 2009

Swanson TNR

Purdy good night.


Kiss the sky
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CluelessApe said...

Ya, great fun until that tool in the stripped jersey almost ran me off the trail.

Watch we you are going you darn kids!

RD said...

sorry...i felt pretty bad about it

Shim said...

I hear JRat laid the smack down, any truth to that one?

KEV said...

It's true, I thought I was the only one close enough to witness it. I hope I was having a off day and or he only has one lap like that. I figured he was still faster than me but I was hoping to be a little closer. It made me take a day off Friday hoping that my legs were just tired(they hurt Friday!).

CluelessApe said...

Yo RD,

I was just pulling your leg. I'm not the guy you almost ran off the trail. You were cool enough to apologize so I think it worked out fine.