Sunday, April 12, 2009

Underwood Map

See the Underwood Loop at

Use on the hybrid view to map any route; via road, trail, dike and dirt. If you go off road, be sure the click the 'manually (straight lines)' button so you can draw lines on bike trails.

It creates a printable Google map, posts mile markers and even has a calorie counter.


Gary L. Nebeker said...

Thanks a million for your technical expertise! I knew that someone out there could figure out how to do this.
Many Thanks,

Rad-Renner said...


Some of this route is on gravel, correct?

Gary L. Nebeker said...


Flanders said...

Hey Gary, next time let me know when your coming over. I'll meet you for a ride.
There's a route off of L34 that is just a riot to ride. Climb after climb into Beebe town then to Mo. Valley, back to CB on Old Lincoln Hwy. Plus many other route I know.