Saturday, July 04, 2009

Bacon Ride

Trails will be wet so we'll be riding out to Platte and hooking up with the LNK kids for some bacon buffet love. MW will be joining us for the ride home. Yu-N-To?

Meet at the new Aksarben Village Wohlner's at 6 AM. Cruise south through Seymour Smith park working our way out to Capehart then south through Richfield and Springfield where we'll hop on the MoPac.

The route home will most likely be over the Platte River Pedestrian bridge then along the north bank of the river up to Pflugg Road and back across to Springfield.

The Route


tornado said...

That is an early start for 9 AM breakfast. What time do you think you will be at the trail in Springfield?


pcakes said...

I thought of you today Tom. We took Pflug Road again on the way back. Maybe we can hook up again soon. Will be out of town the next couple of Sundays though.