Sunday, August 09, 2009


Thanks for a great race Dale and crew. The trail got great marks from the Lincoln boys, nice work.


dale said...

Thanks, MOD. Without all the volunteers, the race wouldn't happen, or come off as well as it did. Without the racers, our work would be for nought. It's a symbiotic relationship that encourages each other when volunteer and racer appreciate one another, instead of taking the other for granted.

There is always room for improvement and it was pretty stressful at times because I worry, procrastinate, or didn't allocate volunteer resources effectively. I will write a post mortem and hopefully read it before prep next year and improve the process and experience for all - volunteer, racer, and their supporters.

-kw said...

Great course, very well organized, genuine excitement—a nice group of people to spend a Saturday with. Spread the thanks, Dale.

Cornbread said...

My hats off to everyone that made Saturday a great day. I loved the course!

MG said...

Thanks Dale, Donna, Bob, Roxx, Ryan and everyone else who helped put the race on this past weekend. It was a really fun event and the trails were really dialed, especially considering the amount of rain you guys received just two days before the event. Amazing!!!

You guys put on a great event. I really appreciate it.

Thanks again,

pd said...

Right ON!!! Great event, Dale! I was AMAZED at the number of racers that showed up. You all handled it very well in some pretty harsh conditions. Good group of spectators, as well.

Thanks to the kids for grillin' dogs...and you and yours for bring the food and drink.

Don't beat yourself handled it very well.

Course was GREAT!!! It continues to improve with each iteration and in response to the changes imposed by other forces. I'm lovin' it!

Thanks to ALL who made it possible.


RF said...

4 laps for cat 1 was a very good call.

crewcabrob said...

Vrey nicely done! I always love to race at Tranq and the BMCC group did itself proud. Class act all the way!

Sean Speck said...

This was my first race and I had a great time despite wanting to toss my lunch the entire first lap. Thanks to everyone involved.

On another note, my wife found a black Samsonite camera case (for a small point and shoot camera) with a memory stick in it. The race was just starting and she forgot to drop it off at the registration desk. If anyone knows who lost this, please let me know so I can get it back to them. Please hit me up at if you have any info. Thanks.

Harp said...

I can't say enough good things so I'll just say thanks and well done.

dale said...

Sean, I know whose case it is. If you could drop it off at Bike Masters, he usually rides from here Monday nights. Thanks.