Saturday, September 26, 2009

manawa sweetness

trail is gonna be tacky fast.... CB got less than .15" of precip last night


T-bone said...

Thanks for having the race. I had a blast:)

McG said...

Who won the race? T-bone, have you been in touch with your buddy Rich here in the Springs. Dude made some headlines in the news. Got run off the road by a car, got a hold of the guy and kicked his ass.

T-bone said...

I think Kent won expert or whatever they call it now and I won SS. Where were you for the race McSplat? We needed more rodies out there clogging up the singletrack:)

No, I haven't talked to Rich lately but I can see him doing that. He's a crazy MOFO.

Sean Speck said...

Here are some photos of the beginning of the cat 1 and cat 2 races:

Have the results of the race been posted anywhere yet?