Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pickup Truck Hits Cyclist. Predictable article comments follow.

According to Ketv.com someone got hit near 218th and Rainwood this morning. Thankfully it appears the injuries were minor to a Michael McCrey. Although not much of a roadie I occasionally ride in this area because there are some nice rollers, the view is nice and the traffic is fairly limited (although it is becoming more congested). What I thought made this story noteworthy was the predictable comments that are already starting to appear (ATTENTION BIKERS: Keep your bikes oUT of the street or its only a matter of time before you get clipped and killed. I'm tired of seeing all these Lance Armstrong wanna-be's with a goofy outfit on peddling away on the shoulder...). WTF! Although I'm used to seeing this type of response from non cyclists it makes my blood boil that individuals can be this caviler about a human life. I mean seriously?! How would they feel if they were walking down the sidewalk (obeying the traffic laws) and a 4000 pound vehicle went screaming by them at 60 mphs with no regard to their safety? It's not like this guy was trying to ride down dodge street. Anyway, I had to rant.

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2sean9er said...

Dude, I'm right there with ya. I almost got clipped last night on my way home and the guy was turning left across traffic in front of me. Didn't even slow down or stop once he finally realized that he almost hit me.