Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thursday Night Ride at Manawa Sept 24

Riders, the TNR for Sept 24th is at Manawa for a little race preparation!  Much thanks to Steve Dickey and all that helped over the last 3 days to get the trails into race ready condition!  Meet at the trailhead at 6pm, rollout 6:10pm, and bring lights if you want to ride long.  It is dark in the trees after just over an hour of riding.  Also, Psycowpath Series points standings are available here.... there are many close races and potential series podium shake-ups that could occur this weekend.  Remember that series champions are determined by best 6 of 8 races for XC, and best 5 of 7 for marathon.  See you Thursday night and hopefully Saturday too!


2sean9er said...

I will be there.

T-bone said...

Bring lots of bug spray and beer. Blood suckers are everywhere.