Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Who's ready for some bike polo?

Friday night game. 6pm till dark at Swanson.
Sunday afternoon game. 1pm-3pm at Swanson.
Please bring:
1 black shirt
1 white shirt
1 beater bike that can take a little abuse

Bike polo is sometimes a contact sport so you may get bumped and bruised. Your bike may also get bumped and bruised. Look for us either on the lower fields (baseball diamonds) or on the upper field back by the trailhead. Everyone is welcome to come and give it a try, I have enough polo mallets for everyone. Don't forget the 1/2 time and post game drinks.

Check it out here: http://mtbomaha.blogspot.com/2006/10/polo-season-opener.html


shadaddy said...

OOOOH yeah can't wait to eat some dirt!

ajb said...

Yes, your bike will definitely get bumped and bruised. It's a great time - get out and play!

Also - Anyone have a spare set of junk wheels?

T-bone said...

Yea, with the way you play you should bring a spare wheelset:)