Tuesday, October 20, 2009

race across the sky

Usually RF or Kev post a TNR but since a lot of people will be going and seeing this movie why not ride to see it. The movie is playing at star cinema in cb. Meet up at Blue line Downtown around 6 pm rollout over the BK bridge to CB. food to follow after the movie.


dale said...

RF and I were batting this around too. I'm going to ride to Oakview 24 since it is closer and easier for us west O peeps. Would be cool to have a bunch of bikes at both theatres.

I'll be leaving 148th and Maple Starbucks about 6, riding down 144th st trail.

Maybe others will chime in if starting elsewhere.

dale said...

I sent this link to wowt.com as a possible "bikes as transportation" news story, i.e. they would video the parked bikes, maybe interview a rider or two that have ridden in 30/40 degree weather.

POLOSCAB said...

I was just thinking, Thurdays are my ride night. I do want to see the movie though.
Should be in .

Shim said...

"Dude is it alright if I piss here?"

KEV said...

I wish I would of listened to him about the wind.