Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thursday Night Ride Nov 18

Thursday Night Ride is at Manawa SP.  'Cross bikes will be ridden by some to to get ready for the weekends races.  MTB's are also more than welcome, and probably faster.  Food to follow, at either at LaMesa or perhaps HuHot Mongolian Grill.  Meet 6pm rollout 6:15pm.  Lights required!



dale said...

I'll be biking/bussing to downtown. Rolling out of Blue Line about 5:15 for bridge and Manawa if anyone wants to ride with.

Sir Wrecks A Lot said...

Had a great time! Thanks!

dale said...

First time using Omaha bus. Found routes here. Heard buses were every 15 minutes. Well, that is only transporation centers, I guess. The one I sat at for 15 minutes before calling 341.0800 for info only has 3 buses for the am rush and 2 for the pm rush.

So I then biked to Westroads and caught one at 5. Took just over 30 minutes to get to 10th st. At 18:30, the frequency of route 2 goes to 45 minutes. I lucked out and caught the return bus at 14th and Dodge about 5 mins before he left.

I've rode out to Manawa before and it took about 2 hrs. Took about the same time with the bus. But it was cool to use the bike rack and read the paper while getting downtown.

Great time on ride, food, and trip back. Ryan, who rode out also, rode with back to O.

Martin had two first time dark riders and Michael also had a 1st and 2nd timer. Good stuff.