Friday, March 19, 2010

a few pics from tnr at tp

Good to see many people able to take advantage of good weather and a trail 95%+ dry.

View of parking lot from south side of creek.

Just before roll out.

Some were already out riding and others arrived later.

Paul was out with his camera and took a few pics of those passing by.

After seeing white for so long, the brown environment in Paul's pics looks foreign, almost other worldly. Riding singletrack with others, after 3 months without, felt great.

There were some wet spots: entering the nursery, entering and exiting Fort St Loop, and standing water near TTT finish line. Though I went wide at the exit of Fort St Loop and at the finish line, I should have stayed on the tread and rode through the mud, otherwise the tread grows 3-4 feet wide with ruts.

Just a reminder that IMBA will be teaching a class, Sat Apr 10, on proper trail building to limit the mud and maintenance. THOR members who haven't taken the class before are asked to rsvp by today.

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