Monday, May 24, 2010

L&C's got some curves!

The entrance/exit at L&C got a face lift this weekend. A crew of ten or so finished the entrance to the downhill side of trail. Also a new uphill switchback section was built to establish a true loop that now eliminates any two-way traffic. Never rest as we've known it, is no more.

The new uphill section dubbed "Super Model" for its curving switch backs, is being completed in phases. This first phase directs riders up the original Never Rest trail but then dumps them into the trees to the left, part way up. The next phase will create a new entrance to Super Model, thus eliminating the use of Never Rest altogether.

It's still going to be challenging to climb. The steepness of the grade reassures that and now with the addition of switch backs, bike handling skills will come into play.

Official signage will be installed soon and there are some flags at the entrance but for the record, enter on the left as seen in the photo.

Enjoy the ride!

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