Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's A THOR Tri-fecta!

It's a THOR weekend, people. 

FUNd raiser. Woot-woot. Bring lots of CASH!

Barleys, 5:15pm, 15th & Cuming

Friday -
mtb ride with Travis Brown. 

Meet at ped bridge at 12-noon to ride L&C and back. Pray that trail knowledge gives you some kind of an edge. 

Saturday - Adam's Park Grand Opening. 12-2. 
Bring your kids and their bikes. Just under 1/2 mile single track loop that's perfect for the little ones. Local YMCA to have other events going as well. Family fun! 
Hopefully no umbrella necessary!

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Roxy said...

Update: ride with travis starts at 10 am at the ped bridge.