Sunday, August 29, 2010

Calvin Crest Ride Sunday 2pm

Please be a part of the opening ride and celebration this Sunday and stay for hot dogs and chips afterwards. What the trail needs most is to be ridden. The tread is soft in areas because it hasn't been compacted. The more bikers and laps we put in Sunday, the better the trail will pedal.Please don't ride before Sunday at 2. Calvin Crest received 2.5" of rain Tuesday morning and there were several climbs we had to push and a wet area along the Platter River. A couple more days of drying will only enhance the riding!
Directions to Calvin Crest.


buconine said...

Thanks for all that came out. The trail got better every lap. Thanks to the crew @ Calvin Crest for the hours of trail work, hosting the event and even cooking us dinner. Good to see ya T-Bone!

T-bone said...

Thanks for having me out Chris. Loved the trails and can't wait to ride them again.

dale said...

Good to ride with you again, T-bone.

fyi, having a party for the tranquility race volunteers tonight at 7 so we won't meet at Paul's after mnr.