Monday, November 01, 2010

Manawa Needs You This Week!

Nov. 3, Wed. Meet in parking lot at 3:45 and start work at 4. This is a very short work night before it gets dark. Extreme Wheels has a crew that wants to help out. Bring your light to ride after we work. The work will include moving branches off trail in no second chance and along the entire trail by the levy to power plant. We will have two saws that night to use we just need you to help clear the trail.

Nov. 6, Sat. Meet in parking lot at 9 am. And start work at 9:15. We have two chain saws and we will be splitting up in crews with them and finish up cutting any fallen trees to get more sections ridable. Cut a few more trees in a few other sections.  We do have a few sections that need to be benched!

1200 noon meet in parking lot for pizza provided for your hard work. Bring your own drinks, no glass. Anyone who wants to work after we eat we will be running one more crew. 

The goal by the end of the work day sat. Is to have all trees at least cut that need to be.
Hope to see ya Wed. Or Sat.
Things to bring is your favorite non-gas tool, warm clothing, gloves, ear plugs, and your bike.

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Roxy said...

Wow! Awesome work night at Manawa tonight! A crew of 9 workers cut and cleared the trail, several from Extreme wheels thanks to Tom for getting that crew together. We worked for over two hours and then had a night ride. Yes most sections are ridable except eastside winder and wood chooper. Hope to see others this sat at 9, don't forget you dirt tools so we can do some benching. And them eat PIZZA at noon!!
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OutdoorCatholic said...

Sorry that this isn't related to the post but did I miss the memo on the TNR dying? I don't think there has been a TNR update on here for a few months... ?