Friday, January 07, 2011

Gravel - Sunday Leaving at Noon!

Looks like Rafel has a ride going tomorrow a.m. leaving from the Bob at 10:30, (I need to go to work for a while in the a.m. but I'm going to try to make it). As for Sunday, open for debate, Kent says he can make it if we leave at noon vs. last weeks 11:30 start time. We also have a pretty good chance for snow Sunday which could be fun. So I'll open it up to a vote and post the start time tomorrow at 5:00 p.m.

Whose in?


Biombo said...

For all of us newbies, can you tell us what the Bob is and what the ride is all about? I'd be interested in I knew more info. Thanks!

ChrisGardner said...

What kind of ride are we looking at...cross bikes, MTB's, fat bikes? Distance? Oh yea...what is Bob?

ChrisGardner said...

Wait! Bob Ped Bridge?

munsoned said...

Shim talks to people as if he's in the middle of a conversation and you just need to catch up. :D

Just kidding.

The Bob is the Bob Kerry bridge and Shim's referring to the ride that Rafal planned for Saturday. Shim didn't clarify, but that's what he meant. That ride was, I believe mostly road in the Loess hills of Iowa.

The ride for Sunday, is his gravel ride, which always starts from his house. I think he's posted his address before.

RD said...

always cx bikes until spring time. While this isn't no drop ride. we do regroup several times during the ride. The distance is usually 30-50 miles depending on weather conditions. All are welcomed