Friday, November 04, 2011

Moore's Springs Trails, Danbury, North Carolina

Last week while visiting family on the east coast, I had the opportunity to ride the Moore's Springs Trails just outside Danbury, North Carolina. Cut in 2009, this new trail system is a fast, flowing, hidden treasure! Check out this video captured by Brad Ford one the local riders. Fast forward to 12:40 for an interesting juxtaposition of film and song.

There is a friendly and deeply committed community of cyclists in Stokes County, North Carolina. If you are ever in that neck of the woods, I hope that you get a chance to ride MST. 

For more info, go the Moore's Springs Trails Facebook page 


Joshua Stamper said...

I was the Agricultural Extension Agent in Stokes County from 05-07. Good to see that they are growing a trail network

Gary L. Nebeker said...

Very cool! Did you live in Stokes County? There are also some excellent roads to ride there. One of the stages of the old Tour DuPont went through Danbury in the early 1990s. Hope to meet you someday Josh.

Joshua Stamper said...

No I had a multi county appointment so I lived in East Bend (Yadkin co.) They used to do a really fun multisport event called the Moratock Triathlon. it was a Ride, Bike, then inner tube down the Dan river. Stokes county really is a cool place, especially north of the Sauratown(sp?) mtns. I am actually driving back to NC this weekend to see all my family. We may go up to Hanging Rock. I will see if I can give these trails a spin.

Gary L. Nebeker said...

By all means do so! The parking area is just south of the bridge when heading south on Moore's Springs Rd. just past Ed Booth Rd. It's easy to miss. It's on the left hand side of the road when heading south.

Gary L. Nebeker said...

Whoops. I did not give you the best directions to MST.

Here's a better set of directions from Danbury, NC.