Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Retirement has it's benefits



Check out Martin's handywork. Believe me, this thing sails through the trees. I was doing all I could just to stay close.
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Chris G. said...

He made that? I'm very impressed. The finish quality is excellent. Martin, you could sell those things. Just wood-burn some cool logo into the side and the orders will roll in.

Very nice work.


KEV said...

Maybe that's becuase Martin has been riding every day?

Martin said...

No Martin isn't riding everyday, although he should be.

Retirement = Never having to work ever again in my opinion. I'm just in the transition period during my mid-life career change. Anyone know who's hiring?

Wood burning...not a bad idea. I had toyed with some custom graphics before the polycoat but got lazy.

Need 2-3 inches of fresh snow again so I can break the thing out again. It definitely does better breaking trail than a tire.

andy said...

How did you attach the wood to the ski?