Sunday, February 03, 2013

650b--Whatcha' Think?

Nino Schurter's World Cup victory in 2012 sent ripple effects through the world of mountain biking. He rode to victory on the new 'tweener-size 650b wheels. Is the 650b (27'') wheel a new industry standard? Is this a technological breakthrough that will make a difference in the overall handling and speed of the mountain bike? Or, is this another industry trend that will run its course? Is the 26 inch wheel a thing of the past? Anyone riding on 650bs? Can we get a conversation started on this?

Photo Courtesy of Hugh Jones


Gary L. Nebeker said...

A couple of links to prime the pump:

Rusty Car said...

I am waiting for the 28" wheel to come out before deciding if I should bail on the tried and true 26'r.

Kind of reminds me of the greeting card companies inventing "holidays" to sell more cards.

I am slow on the 26'r and the only way I will get faster is with a motor not a different wheel size.

Gary L. Nebeker said...

Always great to hear from you! My hunch is that the old adage rings true: "95% rider; 5% bike."

dale said...

I haven't ridden a 650b so I don't know how much of a difference I can feel. For the vast majority of riders, I'm guessing the 650b won't make a big enough difference.

I ride only 29ers and the 650b is going the wrong direction for me and my riding style/tastes. I'm looking forward to trying a 29+, i.e. Krampus.

If the 650b becomes a standard, I think the 26er will fade away or end up with only a couple tire offerings. It's amazing how fast the 29er has displaced the 26er on number of bike models available.

Gary L. Nebeker said...


Is there anything you can't do on a 29er that you could on a 26er? Some have said that tight switchback ascents put a 29er at a disadvantage--fact or fiction?

Mountain Bike said...

Great Post... I wait for the next article.