Saturday, October 01, 2005

Allright Miah, have at it.

For the sake of retribution. My hairline isn't exactly moving forward.
You really know how to give a guy a guilt trip.


miah said...

Rf, do you call that receeding? common ground has not been reached. Apology accepted anyway even though CVO's was way more entertaining.

3p0 said...

it's what i'm good at.

now i feal a lot better about not gettin my ass kicked when I come to omahole for the pub crawl.

unforunatly I'm stuck in Lincoln tomorow.
I've dedicated my sunday to my wife.

sorry guys.
bike polo does sound purdy fun though.

see you guys soon.
talk to you sooner,
have a good husker saturday..

and grease

RF said...

Uhh... sorry miah.

I think CVO started it.

um, well, sorry. I hope to get to know you better, so that you also have the opportunity to ridicule me in a way that makes both of us feel comfortable.

Josh said...

Really, rf you kinda look like that guy from Silence of the Lambs. You know the guy that breeds those rare butterflies. You kind of look like him as he is getting ready to put on his make-up. We all know rf was a liitle different, I am glad you post the picture, now we can figure a few things out.

So I don't rub any bleeding hearts the wrong way, this is a joke.

PS. Congrats to you & Rox on 3yrs, last night was fun Thanks!

RustyC said...

I think I see some plugs on that hair. Could it be? Dude you are not even thirty yet. You'll never kick Shim's a$$.

3p0 said...

Ryan, it was good to see you this morning at the bacon ride.

I'm hoppin your commin down for the beer ride so we can chill.

i'll see you at the pub crawl.

I need to find a yard to sleep in.
or better yet, a basement.

anyone wana put me up for a night in omaha...

MOD said...

CVO, talk to T-bone

T-bone said...

CVO, you and the rest of the Lincoln crowd are always welcome at my place. Just give me some heads up and I will get the fridge stocked, the grill ready and a fresh roll of tp.